Upcoming Workshop: Power Tex

We’ll be holding two workshops on Sunday 27th of November, where you can learn how to use Power Tex.

Both sessions will last 2.5 hours each – see below for details on what we’ll be making and the cost of each workshop:

During the morning session, we will be making a plaque. Places cost £35

In the afternoon session, we are making a bottle. Places cost £30
(The bottle can be used in the garden with a solar light, or indoors with a candle and they are lovely pieces of art.)

Power Tex Bottle Making Workshop at Crafty Corner Power Tex Plaque Making Workshop at Crafty Corner

Please note: You can do these projects in any colour of your choice.

If you would like to know more about the workshops, please call the shop between 10am-4pm: 0191 425 4425

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